About us

Women Empowerment and Leadership  is committed to investing in women and the betterment of women’s lives throughout Afghanistan. We understand the great need of empowering women and helping them become leaders in society.

In order to drive women to gain a productive and respected role in society, Women Empowerment and Leadership . strives to give opportunities for women and children of underprivileged communities and backgrounds to gain full and equal citizenship, gain dignity through education and job opportunities, and to gain the self-worth they so very much deserve.

In order to support women, Women Empowerment and Leadership is working to provide the healthcare, child welfare services, education, job training, workshops, programs, and opportunities for living a content and successful life.

Help us turn around the social structure and give women and children in underprivileged countries what they need to live a dignified and content future, full of respect, hope, and positive self-worth.