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Women Empowerment and Leadership (WEL) was established in 2018 by Rita Anwari as a response to these injustices and the violence that women and children experience around the world. WEL’s commitment to women is to invest in and better the lives of the vulnerable and those who cannot fight for their rights. Politically unaligned, WEL’s sole focus concerns the sustainable development for women and children on a global scale. WEL understands the great need to empower women and provide opportunities for education and employment. It is crucial to build a healthy foundation for women to succeed, particularly in areas where societal and cultural norms prohibit or deny women equal opportunities.

In order to drive women to gain productive and positive roles in society, Women Empowerment and Leadership provides opportunities for women and children of underprivileged communities and backgrounds to gain full and equal citizenship, gain dignity through education and job opportunities, and to gain the self-worth they so very much deserve. WEL is working to provide healthcare, child welfare services, education, job training, workshops, programs, and opportunities for living a content and successful life. WEL has developed a strong network of people who believe in the power of women. Through fundraising and networking, WEL secures donations to fund education and training programs, as well as for projects regarding areas of healthcare and education.

For WEL to meet the needs of our people, this organization requires the assistance of passionate actors to help stabilize the social structure and give women and children in underprivileged countries the tools required to live a dignified and content future, full of respect, hope, and positive self -worth. Women Empowerment and Leadership believes in the education of men and women in all aspects, including health and sexual health; focusing on issues such as breast and cervical cancer awareness and access to quality healthcare. Currently WEL has active youth working in 34 provinces of Afghanistan and its contribution in social activities is highly delighted. WEL has funded and hosted events in Australia, Afghanistan and other nations concerning topics of family domestic violence, healthcare, and women’s rights in power and business. WEL reinforces the importance of taking active participation in elections, preventing human rights violations, assisting social reforms in communities and implementing development and education projects where needed.

WEL’s ongoing project development targets specific nations in need, as well as target global social issues. These projects include a drug rehabilitation program in Afghanistan; the Women in Small Businesses program in Australia; domestic violence awareness and prevention training, and seminars and meetings regarding Afghan women in power and peace negotiation. These courses and projects focus on training and educating women, children and men in key areas as well as provide women and children with the tools of empowerment that they might otherwise be denied. WEL engages local communities and challenges the traditional societal norms that have denied women’s rights in the past by encouraging women to enter the workplace and by providing opportunities for them to do so.

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