Ms. Rita Anwari is the Founding Director of Women Empowerment and Leadership in Australia, an organization dedicated to investing in the education, capacity building and welfare of women in Afghanistan, India and some African countries. She possesses an impressive professional career during which she has served in high Managerial positions of number of international institutions in Australia and abroad.

Ms. Anwari travelling across the globe over the years has learned from different systems and cultures and has tried to contribute with enough faith, time and motivation to inspire the woman and children of today. To appreciate her effort and hard-work towards women right and Education she was honored with a bravery award from Dunya University in Afghanistan and Harvest Technical College in Australia.

Ms. Anwari is a passionate philanthropist and deeply committed to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan where over the past many years she has been helping the local communities, especially women in receiving education and training. Owing to her commitment to improving human lives in Afghanistan she has now become a bridge of cooperation and understanding between Afghanistan and Australia. During her professional career, she has facilitated engagements in the political, academic and business domains between the two counties, which included undertaking complex international and corporate negotiations, providing country advice to Afghan leaders on Australia and vice versa, developing and facilitating memorandums of understanding and agreements to forge cooperation and collaborations in business, trade and education. She has successfully hosted policy dialogues, liaised with government and business stakeholders on both sides and mobilized the Afghan community in Australia for the betterment of Afghanistan people and bilateral relations.

Ms Anwari is an ardent multicultural practitioner and plays an invaluable role in strengthening the multicultural ethos of Australia. She is a wonderful Ambassador of Australia in Afghanistan and brings Afghan socio-political and cultural understanding to Australia. She is multilingual and an accredited translator with the Queensland Interpreting and Translation Service in Dari, Persian, Hazaragi and Pashto.

Having born in Afghanistan and moved to Australia as a young girl, Ms. Rita Anwari considers herself very fortunate to have received quality ideal education and upbringing that allowed her to establish as a successful professional. Now she says it is her turn to give back to the Afghan community and empower women through education and training.

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