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An exclusive interview with Dr Rita Anwari, Director of WEL through Skype with Hawa Jan, a smart and talented presenter of Arezo TV.

In this program, a range of topics including peace process and role of women in this process and my achievements and upcoming plans as the president of WEL were discussed.
صلح یک پروسه مهم است که نقش زنان در آن در نظر گرفته
با مجری موفق تلویزیون ارزو حوا جان یک برنامه اختصاصی از طریق سکایپ داشتم.
در این برنامه روی موضوعات مختلف بشمول پروسه صلح، نقش زنان در این پروسه و دست آورد ها و برنامه هایم منحیث رئیس سازمان تقویت و رهبری زنان بحث صورت گرفته که می توانید جزیات انرا در لینک ذیل مشاهده نمائید.

About Us

Women Empowerment and Leadership  is committed to investing in women and the betterment of women’s lives throughout Afghanistan. We understand the great need of empowering women and helping them become leaders in society.

In order to drive women to gain a productive and respected role in society, Women Empowerment and Leadership strives to give opportunities for women and children of underprivileged communities and backgrounds to gain full and equal citizenship, gain dignity through education and job opportunities, and to gain the self-worth they so very much deserve.

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Domestic Violence

In poverty-stricken communities, domestic violence is certainly not uncommon. A recent study in Afghanistan reported over forty-percent of women respondents have experienced a form of domestic violence (uniteforsite.org). Sexual, psychological, and physical abuse happens by spouses and family members of many women in countries that are in poverty.

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I can’t think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself

Some of our “Topics of Concern”


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela

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A woman’s right to proper healthcare is what Women Empowerment and Leadership strives to acquire.

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Social Justice

Empowering Women and Leadership gives women their voice in society and enables them to rise up

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Human Rights

Human rights are the rights that each person is given from the day he is born until death